Alexis Sanchez wins the game for Arsenal

Below can be found the interview by Arsenal trainer after the game Burnley Arsenal, reported by espnfc:

“From outside it looked 100 per cent a penalty. I don’t know why he pushed him with two hands in the back.  It looked a clear penalty, but I can understand why they were disappointed.

“He [Ramsey] did’t throw himself on the ground, he wanted to go back and flick the ball. He was pushed in the back, had a problem in the neck from the push. He said it was a very strong push.

“After the win against Tottenham it was important to go away and win it and that’s what we did for the benefit of the team. It’s a very important win.

“We kept a clean sheet when Burnley were really up for it. When you play them you can understand why they have 22 points.”