Ancelotti: ‘Azzurri did contact me’

Carlo Ancelotti confirms he was contacted by the Italian Football Federation, but leaving club football for international “would be a whole other job.”, reports footballitalia.

He became the hot favourite after Giampiero Ventura was fired for failing to reach the 2018 World Cup.

“Yes, the Federation contacted me, I spoke to them. I told them what I am telling you now, that I am honoured by so many people wanting me to be the Coach of the Nazionale,” Ancelotti told La Domenica Sportiva television show.”

“However, that would be like a whole other job. Being a CT is different to being a club Coach, as I still enjoy training and working every day. Italian football also has some problems that need to be resolved.”

“I realise there is a conflict of interests between clubs and Federations, as there is in Germany, France and England, but right now Italian football needs the Federation to impose its power over the clubs and impose new rules to improve the situation.”

“For example, I think Serie A would benefit greatly by being reduced from 20 teams to 18 and I know there are clubs who are ready to vote for that.”

Would Ancelotti return to Serie A, for example for his old club Milan?

“Over the last few months I’ve been linked to all sorts, like Croatia, Saudi Arabia, China, Milan. I have never spoken to the new Milan directors.”

“I will say that Serie A is curiously the most interesting in Europe right now, as there is a lot of competition, unlike in France.”

Ancelotti was asked if he’d accept the Juventus job when offered.

“Everyone knows what my past was, so I don’t want to go against my past. I am fond of (Juventus President) Andrea Agnelli, as he was just a kid when I was there. As I said, I don’t go against my past.”

“My idea is to stay still until June 30. I have a contract with Bayern Munich until then and I want to respect it. I don’t think it’d be an issue, considering unfortunately the Italy squad doesn’t have any commitments until after June.”