Henry: Neymar should change sport if he wants to beat Messi

Thierry Henry has just lit up Neymar in an interview, hinting that the Brazilian will never be as good as Messi.

The former Arsenal star was asked about speculation related to the Brazilian, who is being repeatedly linked to a move to Real Madrid.

The idea behind it, and of his departure, seems to have been to “get out of Messi’s shadow”, and be able to win the Ballon d’Or as the star of whichever team he was on.

The Frenchman didn’t seem to be so convinced by this interpretation:

“I don’t know if Neymar left Barcelona to get out of Messi’s shadow.”

Henry still found the time to deliver a smackdown to Neymar, who has netted 19 Ligue 1 goals this season, and 28 in all competitions.

“What is true is that all players are in Messi’s shadow, and if Neymar doesn’t want to be, he should change sport.”