Juventus TV apologies for Inter attack

The official Juventus television channel has apologized after one of its presenters said he wanted to “cancel Inter from the planet, keep them in the sewers.”, reports footballitalia.

With the Derby d’Italia coming up this weekend, the build-up has begun on JTV with an astonishing rant from one of their guests.

Sandro Pellò, the President of Communication at Juventus, made the following comments on their official television channel.

“I dream of burying them, cancelling them from the planet, removing every last glimmer of hope and desire that they have become a normal team.”

“They must remain in the sewers where they’ve been for the last few years, hiding in the darkness of the gutters.”

Pellò realized the controversy he had sparked in the statements on Tuesday night and made an apology via Twitter.

“Many Interisti were angry and offended by what I wished ahead of Saturday’s game. A few Bianconeri brothers also told me off. I was joking, it was banter and in a moment of euphoria and fun, I probably went too far. The word ‘sewer’ isn’t nice and I shouldn’t have said it.”

“If someone felt aggrieved, I apologies. We’ll see each other on the pitch on Saturday: one will win, one will lose. Whoever wins will mock the other.”