Ronaldinho: the player is ready for a big club


This player could play for any club he wants, according to former Barcelona star Ronaldinho, reports calciomercato.

​Speaking at a convention with fellow Catalan legend Figo, the playmaker said that Kane “is now at the level where any team in the world would want him.”

​Kane has been pursued by the likes of Real Madrid and Bayern Munich in recent times, and scored a massive 56 goals in 2017, making him one of the most-wanted strikers around. 

As quoted by B/R, however, the playmaker also said that Kane would have to face up to much more pressure at the Santiago Bernabeu:

With all respect they do not have the pressure or expectation on them yet in the competition that say Barcelona, Madrid, or Bayern do and that could work for them.

They don’t have the pressure on them to do it but they have the players to be able to win it – anything is possible.”