Zidane names PSG’s most ‘dangerous’ player and it’s not Neymar

Real Madrid boss Zinedine Zidane talked to French radio Rtl on Monday morning, just two days before the kick-off of Real Madrid-Psg, reports calciomercato.

“We are in shape, we are motivated and we’ll be facing a team that is having a stunning campaign. They have amazing players but we can find the right motivation with our fans. Benzema? He is motivated, just like the rest of his teammates. It will be a very important game. I am sure they will help each other on Wednesday.”

“Being a manager can be very hard. You are always under pressure and it happens everywhere, doesn’t matter which team you are in charge of. Psg is full of top players, we’ll be very hard for us. I think Kylian Mbappé can be very important for them. He is so strong despite his young age. It will hard for us to stop him and his teammates.”

“I am happy in Madrid. I will do all I can to remain here next season. I am focused on the present and I trust my lads.”